Vision Statement

The IUM Student Association works with you and for you with one goal in mind: to make your student experience at IUM unforgettable and highly successful.

Mission Statement

The IUM SA supercharges your student-card loaded with exclusive discounts and values. We secure offers at Gyms, Restaurants, Monaco nightclubs, Helicopter services, Boat rentals, Telecom services and more.

The IUM SA believes that amazing, grand celebrations bring us all together. We create big celebrations and are all about the quality. 

The IUM SA ensure that you get the best opportunities to thrive in sports and your interests. We have great teams in Football, Tennis, Golf, Sailing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Arts, Chess and more. 


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Alain de Ruiter

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Fulvio Piscitelli

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Vice President & Treasurer

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Clara Kiehl

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Head of Charity

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Marvin Steenhoudt

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Head of Sports


Alexandre Schlesser

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Head of Events

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Darion Haile

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Head of Commercial